Love Twin Cities


A major emphasis of Love Twin Cities is on discipleship. We believe God has given us a simple strategy for follow up and discipleship called ONE SOUL. ONE DISCIPLE. ONE YEAR.

ONE SOUL. We believe God is calling each participant to ask the Lord for one soul to win into the Kingdom. We encourage you to sign up for and continue to go on outreach until you lead someone to Jesus

ONE DISCIPLE. Within one week of Love Twin Cities we are asking you to set up a face-to-face follow up meeting with that person and to discern if they are interested in discipleship. Each person in the church making one disciple.

ONE YEAR. If they are interested in pursuing a relationship with God then we believe the Lord is asking us to invest one year into that person’s life meeting regularly to teach them how to seek God for themselves and to walk in a spirit of obedience towards Jesus. The goal is to bring them back to Love Twin Cities next year as a gospel worker.


If you lead someone to the Lord during Love Twin Cities please enter their contact information here so that we can track them in the discipleship process. We will also send out periodic invitations into special discipleship opportunities following Love Twin Cities (such as Alpha).

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In addition to life on life discipleship we want to connect people to life giving churches. Click below for a list of life giving churches in the Twin Cities area. If your church is not listed please email and provide your information.

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The new believer survival kit is a supplemental discipleship resource that will send weekly teachings on the foundations of biblical Christianity to the person you sign up from pastors throughout the Twin Cities. To sign up a new believer for the NBSK then click below.

The New Believer Survival Kit (NBSK)

View PDF instructions for putting the NBSK on your smartphone.