Love Twin Cities

Intro to Love Twin Cities 4.0

STEVEN UGGEN (Minneapolis, MN)

14 years ago I had such a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit that all I have wanted to do from that day forward was to help others to experience and know God personally.

I started to share my faith with anyone who would listen and God began to teach me how to partner with Him to invite others into the Kingdom of God.

A couple of years into the journey, the Lord challenged me to grow in boldness in sharing my faith and I felt led to join an evangelist named Jed Lindstrom who was leading a short term mission trip into New York City.

It was on this trip that God really poured out on me His burning heart for the lost and began breaking off layers of fear in my life. Not everyone is called to be a street evangelist, but street ministry provides a context for all believers to encounter God's love and truth in action and to get free from fear so that they can actually reach out to their family, neighbors and coworkers relationally. If we can get them comfortable walking up to a complete stranger and sharing their testimony or the gospel after a few minutes of connecting, then it gets much easier to invite a coworker to coffee and turn the subject to Jesus and the Kingdom.

Once they realize that God wants to break into our culture and encounter people, everything changes. Mission impossible becomes quite possible.

I remember being in New York and realizing that I was there for the express purpose of sharing the gospel. Something shifted in my heart and I just started to see the people all around me in a different way. God would highlight people and I would just walk up and talk to them. For an entire week, I didn't stop sharing the gospel with anyone God would put in front of me. I was amazed at how open people were to the things of God even in New York City where they have seen it all. So many people got to encounter God's love and truth and then suddenly it struck me, "Why would I ever stop living this way?"

That trip changed me forever. We want other believers to experience the transformation of engaging in the Great Commandments (to love God and love people) and the Great Commission (to preach the gospel and make disciples). Love LA is about awakening the church to a different way of living – a lifestyle of daily intimacy and mission.


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24/7 Kingdom

After that trip, God took me on a journey deeper into His heart. He began to show me that He was raising up entire ministries dedicated to night and day prayer and worship all over the world. I was intrigued with the idea and started to pursue God's heart on this issue.

I studied the Scriptures and discovered that David had implemented night and day worship and prayer in 1 CHRONICLES 23:5. David hired 4,000 singers and musicians to engage in continuous worship before the Ark of the Covenant. While Israel has a sordid history of one leader following God and the next turning away, we can see a clear pattern of spiritual revival coming in conjunction with the re-establishment of Davidic worship.

In ACTS 15:16, the apostle James quotes a prophecy in AMOS 9:11 that God intends to restore the tabernacle of David. Jesus taught us to pray God's will on earth as it is in Heaven. What is going on in heaven? Continuous worship. PSALM 22:3 tells us that God inhabits our praises. 24/7 worship creates a resting place for God that, in turn, changes the spiritual atmosphere of cities and nations.

I experienced firsthand the power of combining night and day worship and prayer with missions when I was part of a leadership team on a mission trip to Sturgis, SD (a place where 500,000 motorcyclists converge on a town of 5,000).

This ministry would wash about 1,000 motorcycles and pray for many every year but generally never saw more than 3-5 people a year give their lives to the Lord. The year we actually implemented 24/7 prayer with worship over this outreach, they led 80 people in surrender to Jesus. That's a 1600% increase! God got my attention. We began to raise up continuous worship and prayer over all of our outreaches with remarkable and dramatic results.

It was later that year that the Lord gave me a vision and spoke into my heart that He wanted me to be part of establishing a mission base dedicated to 24/7 worship, prayer and mission. The firebase mandate was born.

Eventually, I reached out to Hal Linhardt, the Director of Evangelism at the International House of Prayer and asked if we could do an experiment by combining night and day worship, prayer and evangelism for three straight days. We also collaborated with the local YWAM base and took a busload of messengers from Minneapolis to do the first firebase outreach ever. Hundreds were saved over those three days, but even more than that, the believers were transformed. God's anointing for outreach was so strong. We knew that God was starting something significant.

Since then we have seen nearly 7,000 workers mobilized into outreaches across this nation in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Detroit, San Francisco and Dallas. over 60,000 people have been engaged with the gospel in these cities and it's increasing weekly through outreaches that have been planted and believers who have been activated into lifestyle mission. God is on the move in America. Let's join Him in reaching our cities with the gospel.


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The vision for Love Twin Cities is to create a space where the church can encounter God (like the book of Acts) and be awakened to the Great Commandments (to love God and love people) and Great Commission (to preach the gospel and make disciples). We are praying that this will become an annual opportunity for the city-wide church to join together in unity to create a resting place for the Lord (24/7 worship and prayer) and from that place of holy encounter go out where lost people are and love them into the Kingdom (24/7 outreach).

We  believe God is moving in our generation in a significant way. This is not an exhaustive list of what He will be doing through Love Twin Cities, but we are confident that these things are on God's heart for this outreach.

  1. CREATE A RESTING PLACE FOR GOD. We need God to transform our cities. Nothing brings Him pleasure like unity, humility, obedience, worship and prayer. We want to create a citywide altar through 24/7 worship and prayer, staffed by ministries from throughout the Twin Cities (and laborers from around the country). Each ministry will bring their offering of praise before the Lord on behalf of our region.
  2. UNITE THE CHURCH. Something happens when churches across the city come together to engage in the Great Commandments and the Great Commission. The church unites in the place of intimacy. We agree that Jesus is worthy of worship. When we are on our faces before the throne we don’t worry about the minor differences between us. The church also unites around the proclamation of the gospel.
  3. AWAKEN THE CHURCH. We believe God is awakening His Church to first-love intimacy. Even as darkness is increasing, the Holy Spirit is preparing a spotless bride for the return of Christ. Our ability to complete the Great Commission is directly related to our life in the Secret Place. Jesus modeled this pattern of spending time with the Father, and then going forth and doing the works of the Kingdom. The atmosphere of 24/7 worship and prayer is charged with the life-giving presence of God and releases people into personal revival.
  4. MOBILIZE THE CHURCH. The harvest is ripe and the laborers are few. God wants to thrust people into the harvest and Love Twin Cities is a great context for believers to see effective Spirit-led evangelism as well as life on life discipleship modeled and be equipped to enter into the Great Commission as a lifestyle.
  5. ESTABLISH A FIREBASE. We believe the Lord wants to release vision for a church that is advancing the Kingdom of God night and day until Jesus returns – fully ablaze, fully alive – walking in holiness, transparency and humility, in full view of a world that is desperate to know the truth. Love Twin Cities is an annual outreach that will eventually never stop (24/7/365) with the potential to reach 500,000 people annually with the gospel.

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January-March. RELATIONSHIP BUILDING throughout city.

April-June. MOBILIZATION. We will send teams to churches to preach the gospel as well as teach on intimacy and the Great Commission and call people into the Love Twin Cities experience.

June. TRAINING. We will have training scheduled in four strategic locations throughout the Twin Cities area. Training will last 4 hours and will have a time of extended worship and then instruction on the operation of the firebase and how to engage in Spirit-led mission. These are the dates and times and locations for the current training events.

June 15. LEADER MIXER. We are inviting pastors and ministry leaders from all over the city to come for a time of fellowship and refreshing. To get details on the venue and time please contact Russell Wood at (insert phone) or email

June 18-27. LOVE TWIN CITIES 4.0. the firebase for Love Twin Cities is Shiloh Temple located at 1201 West Broadway Avenue, Minneapolis, MN.

July-completion. FOLLOW UP + DISCIPLESHIP.

Launch Outreach

We will start at 6p on Sunday, June 17th with a time of corporate worship and prayer with the city-wide body of Christ, as well as workers coming from other cities. At 8p, we will be sending outreach teams to every area of the Twin Cities that we will be doing outreach into during the week. As we’ve been praying for this launch outreach, we sensed that the Lord was highlighting public worship as an integral part of the outreach strategy. Each team will have at least one worship leader, and they will all be worshipping at the same time from each area of the city. From this place of lifting up praise to God, evangelistic workers will be loving on people and sharing the gospel, covering the city with praise and proclamation because He is worthy.


After the launch outreach, the rest of the outreaches are structured in this way: Outreaches are scheduled for every three hours during Love Twin Cities. We are actively seeking direction for the outreach strategies that the Lord wants us to use in each area of the city.

These are our outreach objectives

BRIEF 45 minutes

The outreach leader will provide a briefing to all messengers and intercessors going out on each outreach. This briefing will include report times, specific strategies or instructions from the Lord, directions, outreach locations and people group information as well as outreach team assignments.


This is a time of worshipping the Lord, encountering God's heart and seeking Him for any specific direction for the outreach. This is also a time of waiting on the Lord and making sure our hearts are right before we go out on outreach.

TRANSIT 30 minutes

Most outreach destinations are within 30 minutes away from the firebase by transit. We will take the opportunity while traveling via BART and/or MUNI, to worship the Lord and engage people with the presence of God and the gospel message.

OUTREACH 2 hours

We will be engaging people in Spirit-led relationship building and evangelism in teams of two.

TRANSIT 30 minutes

Everyone will meet back at the location designated by the outreach leader, and travel back to the firebase together.

DEBRIEF 45 minutes

Messengers will share testimonies of what happened on the outreach. Some of the testimonies might be filmed and posted to social media.


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